Name:How to Resolve Plugging Materials of Jaw Crusher

Application:Mining,Metallurgy,Building material,Railway,Chemicals


How to Resolve Plugging Materials of Jaw Crusher?

For the customers using jaw crusher, we all know that there are some plugging phenomenon of jaw crusher in stone crushing plant, and how to resolve this problem? Now XSM will introduce some methods to you.

Jaw Crusher

1.The plugging of jaw crusher in stone crushing plant is one of common questions, which is in relation to the design of the machine. The main reason is that the users don't operate correctly.

2. The fast feeding speed and the increasing load can lead to plug, so we must concern on deflection angle of ammeters pointer. If the pointer exceeds rated current, which shows motor overload, and the long time overload can break the motor. We can reduce or close discharge valve or change feeding methods for this situation. The feeder can control feed rates, which has automatic and manual types, and the users choose the suitable feeder based on actual situation.

The plugging conditions described above is about the most common problems encountered by crushing equipment in stone production line, i hope to be helpful. A brief introduction to the plugging of jaw crusher of If there are something in using jaw crusher, you can contact us at any time. Hongxing as a professional manufacturer of stone crushing plant and sand making plant has a rich experience in producing. Welcome every customers to visit our factory.

Note:This specification is just reference,any changes are subject to the How to Resolve Plugging Materials of Jaw Crusher products.

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